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50 years in the making...

"the strength of the effort is the measure of the result" - James Allen

And after 50 years...

Here's the result.

Gus Wolfe 1972 - Self Portrait across the Dearborn River

Gus Wolfe 1972 Self portrait across the Dearborn River

Gus Wolfe has decided to take to the world wide web. In anticipation of the upcoming 50th anniversary of his photography he is launching a website. This website will have available works as well as his limited edition works.

As the anniversary approaches Gus will be going through his photos, adding new or dusting off the older and releasing limited edition available photographs.

All the photos on this website are available on a limited basis, some longer than others. All will be signed and numbered by Gus Wolfe.

For those that don't know Gus... here is a excerpt from the Sun Valley Sun Newspaper in a Letter to the Editor which describes him, and Augusta, the very best way anyone could.

"When it came time for us to start rounding up photographs for my book, we began contacting the Audubon Society, U.S. Game and Fish Commission, National Wildlife Federation, Montana Wilderness Association and the Major Conservancy Council in Inverness, Scotland, all of which referred us to a native of your state, Gus Wolfe. Very few, if any knew how to contact Mr. Wolfe at home, but we were told repeatedly that he could be reached at the Buckhorn Bar.

On our first attempt to contact Mr. Wolfe, at the Buckhorn Bar, we were advised that he had gone up into the mountains for a few days. We began to wonder about Mr. Wolfe. When he returned our call and sent the first set of slides, we knew we had found the person that could take up to see what we were looking for.

After having come to Augusta and met with Gus, we were most please with our discovery. Most all of the 26 color photographs contained in "The Eagle Christian" were from Gus' library. We were amazed at the natural beauty we found in Montana, but were more impressed by the hospitality of the local people and especially Gus Wolfe. Sincerely, Ken Price, Montgomery, Ala."

Gus' first "gallery" was the Buckhorn Bar. Today, you can stop in to the Buckhorn to see many works he has for sale, all custom framed, and have a burger while you admire Gus' talent. Ask any local and they will share a 'Gus story' with you. Gus also has recently been adopted by the Bunkhouse Inn where he also has framed photos for sale.

Keep checking the site as he will be adding new, reviving old, and sharing his favorite photographs. If we are lucky he might share some of this stories too!

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