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Swift Wings

Eagles. Hawks. Falcons. Owls.

The beginning was 1967-68. Every year since, the 700 square mile home of this community of raptors was observed. This area has been the studio and classroom for Swift Wings and a multitude of my other nature studies.

Beginning in January, Golden Eagles begin building nests. The year ends with migratory raptors leaving and northern tundra species arriving to spend the winter. The nesting, feeding, migrations and daily routines of the various birds of prey provide a phenomenal display of nature's way.

Time spent was first measured in hours. Thousands of hours then measured in days...hundreds of days into years. Fifty hears later (5 decades) the treasure of memories are a joyous celebration, a reminiscence of my encounters with these beautiful creatures.

I hope these images become everlasting and find a special spot within you.

-Gus Wolfe

The entire Golden Eagle series is now available on the website, . If you are interested in ordering any of these prints, please contact us.

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